Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Recent Alterations Project

Mommy found these pretty white skirts at Goodwill on our most recent visit. The top one is my favorite, but they're both very pretty, and, best of all, they both had nearly-matching eyelet-styled trim.

The first one-my favorite. It's hard to tell in this picture, but the upper large panel has a delicate white flower embroidery.

A close-up of the trim on this skirt

This is the second one, very pretty also

A close-up of the trim on the second skirt

The skirts both measured an equal distance around the hem. An hour last Saturday afternoon with our sewing machine and a pair of scissors, produced this:

Pretty...and it added an extra couple inches to the length too.

A close-up of the added panel. I stitched it on over the stitching lines that were already trimming the hem so I wouldn't be adding extra seams. Now I can't wait for spring! :)

Recently, a neighbor, in cleaning out, gave me a bunch of her crafting supplies, including these lovely fabrics.
The plaid is a flannel, and the red and light brown feel like a very light velvet or suede. It's hard to tell exactly, but they're beautiful fabrics, and I think I have some new winter skirts for myself planned with these.

I made a couple very exciting acquisitions at our local thrift store yesterday. They are an answer to a prayer of mine for many months now. And not only did I get one of these, but two!!! God is truly SO good!!!
Curious yet? You're welcome to give me your guesses in the comments, and I will write the official post, with pictures, later this week! :)

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