Monday, July 9, 2012

Lots of New Sewing Projects!

I (and the sewing machines!) have been busy lately, and here are some previews of my latest projects. For those that are listed in the shops, you can visit the links to see more pictures.

I ran across the fabric while browsing at our local fabric 'warehouse' and it was love at first sight. I bought the rest of the piece which was a 3/4 yard cut and turned it into my first pillowcase dress. It was incredibly easy! I decided to add the contrasting ruffle and yo yo flower as an extra girly touch to an otherwise plain dress.

This dress was made entirely from my infamous fabric stash, button and all! Since the fabrics and colors are so 'autumn-y' I made the dress with 3/4-long sleeves for cooler weather. I think I may be making another one soon with short sleeves.

I love the way this one turned out! These two fabrics matched perfectly and the red bias tape is a perfect accent! Plus, the pattern is one of my own designs which makes it easier to use. :) I have more of this fabric, so I might be trying a peasant dress with these two next!

 Welcome the first in my new line of sewing patterns, just released today! I love the way these flowers came out, and sewn onto headbands modeled by these two adorable little girls...what could be cuter???!!!

Coming soon...the Ruffled Camera Strap Cover Pattern/Tutorial!
I just finished this one recently and am really excited about getting some pictures soon and making this pattern available in the Shoppe! Don't worry...this one I made is so much prettier than how the iPod picture shows it! :)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Sewing Ruffles

I was working on a new project yesterday that involved ruffles - lots of them! I guess my newer Singer I was using decided not to do them. It always has had a problem with ruffles and sewing smoothly through lots of layers. It clanks and clacks and chews up the fabric. It was then that I saw the perfect opportunity to test a theory of mine - that the Remington is a smoother stitcher.

See, that's about 30" of ruffles; the Remington did over 25" of it. And it did it perfectly! No protests of chewing of fabric. And it goes smoothly over pins too! 

I love these Singer clones - they're sturdy little machines with lots of power, a beautiful stitch once they're timed and adjusted correctly, a quiet humming sound, and are very smooth, even stitchers, even through lots of layers. I almost love using the Remington better than any of my other machines! Oh, and did I mention that the Remington just got a twin brother? More on that coming soon!