What I've Sewn...

Welcome to my sewing repertoire! This is a gallery of the larger sewing projects I've done. I am still adding to this page, so please do check back!

My First Colonial Dress
 I made this for myself using Simplicity's adult's colonial dress pattern. This is about 3 1/2 years ago (and to note, I look nothing like this anymore; I have the same brown hair and eyes and that's about where the similarity ends :) Since then, I have made several more with this pattern.

~a closeup of the detail on the bodice~

My second colonial dress (me in the red). Here, I'm with sisters and friends at Colonial Williamsburg.

Regency Dresses
I made (and helped) my two sisters with these regency dresses from the Sense and Sensibility Patterns regency gown pattern. It was a great pattern to work with and the results were beautiful. I really love my dress and wear it a lot! :) You can see the post I wrote about them here.

Girl's Colonial Dress
I made this colonial dress for a girl at our church in three days, just in time for Christmas. I was working off my adult-sized colonial dress pattern and just used her measurements to resize the pattern pieces to a girl's size 6-8. It fit perfectly and she was thrilled!

Girl's Nightgown
Made for a friend at church to test a pattern.