Thursday, January 13, 2011

Making a Light Box

For some time, I've been wanting a light box for taking photos, especially for the shop. But buying one is prohibitively expensive and I just hadn't considered trying to make my own...that is, until I read this wonderful post this morning from another crafter's blog I read. I was inspired to try it, and spent about half an hour this morning on my light box. Several family members cast dubious looks at my creation, and I admit I had my doubts too, but I'm extremely pleased with how it works. Let's take a look!

I rescued a box off the back porch to turn into my light box. Yes, after four years in this house, we're still unpacking boxes, and this one happened to get squashed and became destined for the trash.

Here is my finished light box. The lamp is my brother's "discarded" airplane lamp from his desk. It works, right?! :)

In spite of the fuss with lighting an the macro setting that my older camera made, I was still pleased with how it did. Here are a couple of the best examples to show you how well my light box came out! I haven't edited them on picnik...

~My little trinket chest I received years ago for my birthday from our adopted grandparents~

 ~One of my favorite pieces of jewelry. A friend made the pendant and I bought the chain at a neighbor's yard sale~

Do be sure to check out the amazing blog post for the complete tutorial!

P.S. If you're wondering why this blog is going to be silent for the next few days, let's keep a long story short...while using the scissors to make the light box this morning, I cut a large gash in the top of my finger (I could, but won't post pictures of that), so I'm going to give my hand a break from typing for a few days. But I'll be back next week with pictures from my current sewing projects!

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Shaylynn said...

Beautiful! You did a good job and those pictures are loverly. If you wanted the white to be truely white, you can also change your camera's white balance or edit the histogram on an editing program. But I think that the tan adds some style. :)

I'm so sorry about your finger! *is a little bit sad that she inadvertently caused someone to get hurt*