Monday, January 24, 2011

A New Venture into the World of Models

If you've been reading this blog long, you're probably aware that I've begun crocheting infant hats for my etsy shop. With my new light box, I've been able to achieve a measure of acceptable photography, but even so, there's a point at which infant accessories look best on a model.

Hence, I've joined Ellie Bean Models as a Boutique Partner. Just go to 'Boutique Partners' and use the arrow to scroll down to my shop in the 'C' section.
The way it works is very simple. As a boutique partner, I can pick a model off their site and they'll send an assignment email to the parent. When the parent accepts, I mail the item, which the model keeps, and they, in return, send professional pictures with a release for me to use them in my shop.
I'm very excited about this opportunity. In fact, I have my first hat ready to mail off tomorrow for pictures!

And not only is it the first hat ready to model, but it's the first of a new crocheting pattern I've been designing. Stay tuned for more news regarding my first pattern as I prepare it these next few weeks to sell on Etsy!

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Gabrielle Renee said...

That is wonderful news! I am wondering what I will do about modeling my little girls clothes I want to sell.... My little sister is nine, and rather tall for her age. ;)

The hat in the picture is really cute!

In Christ,
Gabrielle Renee