Friday, May 25, 2012

Pink Cherry Baby Girl Outfit

I've been bitten by the making-newborn-outfits bug, and fortunately, a good friend of ours had a baby girl recently - that amounted to the perfect opportunity to try a new pattern!

I used Butterick 5017, but wasn't overly impressed with the pattern and ended up wishing I'd just designed it myself. She was born at the end of March, so I made the dress 3-6 Months, so she could wear it through the summer. The bodice was a little shorter and wider than I would have liked it, but I think it will work out since Miss A. is a chunk. :)

I decorated each of the tiers on the jumper, and the neck and armholes, with red rick-rack. The dress hem and waist have white rick-rack too for contrast.

I even found a matching cherry button for the back closure that looked like it was made to match the fabric!

No little dress is complete without it's matching accessories - the little bloomers and flower headband! By the time I was finished with the dress, I was getting pretty much to the final scraps of the 1 yard of fabric I had, so I used the bloomer pieces from this pattern, but modified them slightly to fit the largest pieces of fabric I had left.

The headband is just a simple yo-yo flower with a red button on one of the stretchy white skinny headbands I use in my shop.

Anyone up for a simple yo-yo flower tutorial?

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Remington: He Sews!

Remember the Remington's white motor? I decided it was time for a new motor so he would be presentable, and the new black motor came in the mail on Thursday! Now, isn't he handsome?! :) And he sews - all it needed was a new bobbin case, a little more cleaning and oiling, and a new needle.

I discovered that these older Singer look-alikes, along with Singer Featherweight machines take Schmetz needles. They're a german needle and a much higher quality than the color-coded Singer needles from Walmart which these machines will not use. They're a little more expensive, but still pretty readily available and definitely worth it.

I love running the Remington - he has a very smooth sound, a smooth feed of the fabric, and is a very sturdy machine. Now to put him to work on a serious sewing project!

Also, I'm the guest photographer at a friend's photography blog today with this photo!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

313 Photography Project - Week 14

Week of Monday, April 2nd

Thursday: Green Beaded Bracelet

 Another jewelry addition to the Shoppe

Friday: Indoor Soccer

I enjoyed the fun challenge of photographing a game of indoor soccer that many of our friends play in.

Saturday: Early Summer Leaves

 Summer really is here!
Taken with my Canon FD Macro lens and FD EOS adapter

William Endurance

I had a photo shoot with adorable, three-week-old William Endurance a couple weeks ago. He was a very photogenic little boy, and especially cooperative once he fell asleep. :) Enjoy!

His great-grandfather was a pilot of a P-51 Mustang in WWII, so I thought it would be fun to have a picture complete with the little aviator hat, a P-51 Mustang toy model plane, and a sky blue background

Welcome to the world, William!

Sewing and Crafting Odds-N-Ends

It's been a busy past couple months around here and I obviously haven't been able to post in as much detail about all my projects as I would have liked. But, a little is better than nothing, so here's my crafting summary in mostly pictures of the past couple months. Enjoy!

Meet Harriet the Hippo! I acquired some brown minky and soft pink velour for this hippo, and I think her bright green bow fits her personality perfectly, don't you?

I had the exciting opportunity a  few weeks ago to work on my first Singer Featherweight sewing machine! I got to clean it up and oil it, and outfit this little beauty with a new needle and drive belt and use it for a little while. They're called Featherweights for a reason - I weighed it and it was 15 lbs., compared to my 25 lb. Remington.

Another highlight was a recent quick photo shoot with my beautiful sister - and her lovely new haircut!

Another sweet addition to the Boutique, just in time for fall - the pumpkin hat!

And my newest piece of jewelry, the green and gold beaded bangle bracelet