Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thrift Store Findings

Mommy and I were able to spend some time at our local thrift store yesterday afternoon. We're not able to go that often, so it's a real treat when we are. As much as I enjoy the three Goodwill stores we have in our area, I really, really like the North Raleigh Christian Ministries thrift store because of its quiet, 'quaint' atmosphere, and the wonderful vintage finds there!

I was able to pick out six brand, new children's patterns, some vintage and some not, for my etsy shop and its burgeoning pattern sales. Those really nice designer children's patterns sell really well, especially when they're out-of-print patterns at a good price.

Besides the sewing patterns, I also found a few other cross stitch and plastic canvas needlework patterns for the shop. The price was just right to be able to try them and see how much of a demand there is for these. If for nothing else, they're just plain ol' cute!

And a few treasures for myself...this was a great find. You can't beat the books for 75 cents and I can't afford to buy books like this new to look through for the inspiration.

 And some yummy fabric finds. As of this afternoon, they're all washed and ideas for these fabrics swarming through my head. I snatched up the soft, brown fleece as a perfect choice for making one of these cute creatures for a friend at church due with her first baby in January. I don't have any specific ideas for the bag of classic red and green gingham fabric yet, but it's sure to come in handy for something. The blue muslins I have ideas for turning into doll clothes for my etsy shop as I'm in the process of designing several patterns right now. The pumpkin pinwale corduroy was a fantastic find and I'm turning over several ideas for cute toddler pumpkin hats or autumn decor.

And the best part of the afternoon at the thrift store? All this (plus another piece of fabric which didn't make it into the pictures due to being soaked for stains) cost only $12. That's my favorite way to shop! How about you?

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