Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Newest Crocheting Project

In the past, I've fiddled around a little with crocheting, making little doll purses and the like, but never got serious. Now, with something of a yarn stash and a desire to move up from being a 'beginning' beginner, I searched out some affordable patterns to try my beginners hand on in making a hat for Tiger. And of course, I couldn't resist a photo shoot with a baby! :)

I found a couple websites on Etsy devoted to knitting and crocheting patterns with the cutest baby hats and the like, and, with some trepidation, ordered patterns that appeared, from the pictures to be way above my skill level. But, both the ladies were so friendly, responding promptly and offering to help with any problems. I would highly recommend these two pattern shops!


I started with this cute girl's flower beanie pattern for the top of the hat, but, since Tiger is all boy, the flared, frilly bottom obviously would not work for him. Enter, my experiment. Since I had been doing double crochets, I stopped adding more each round as I had been and kept on working straight until the hat was long enough. Then, I used the earflaps and ties design from this handsome baby boy hat to finish off Tiger's, and single crocheted around the bottom before adding the ties and the stripe of white to hide where I began crocheting straight. I was about to pull out the book that explained making pom-poms when I remembered I had this white one in my stash from some other baby hat that would match perfectly. Voila! Isn't it cute? (Tiger's cuter, though!) I'll let you decide!

~Happy, smiley boy!~

~The more sober side of Tiger~

~"Oh, not more pictures, pleeease?"~

Here's a better view of the hat. The other pictures were more for the cuteness of Tiger than the hat. :) I really enjoyed working with these patterns, am pleased overall with the quality of the patterns and the results, and have a couple more which I'm sure you'll be seeing pictures of soon!

P.S. If you're wondering who Tiger is by the end of this post, see this post on our family blog where I introduced him!

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