Friday, November 26, 2010

An Etsy Banner and Avatar

To advertise my etsy shop holiday sale, I designed a matching banner and avatar this afternoon to capture a light, wintry atmosphere. They're nothing fancy, but, a simple photo editing website, did a great job. Because I have a difficult time with gimp and photoshop, I really appreciate an easy, straightforward program and design. The main disadvantage is that the free version of picnik that I use doesn't have a lot of nice font choices, but I'm happy with it nonetheless and would recommend it for any quick photo touch-up or design task.

After all this, when you have a moment, would you take a look at my shop home page and let me know what you think? Do leave a comment with your thoughts! I would love to hear from you.

And now, after a cup of warm vanilla tea, I am off to write up the listings for several more items and work on a couple patterns I'm designing. What are you doing today?

Blessings and Joy,

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Gabrielle Renee said...

Let me see what did I do today. Well, I went shopping at 4:30 in the morning... I actually found a pair of shoes in my size!! And I brought lots of yarn to crochet with!

It is funny that you designed your etsy shop header on Picnik, because I did too! I haven't announced my etsy yet, but if you would like to see it here is the link:

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I know I am thankful for SO much this year!