Saturday, December 4, 2010

Decorating a Wreath

As we began our Christmas decorating a few days late, we realized we didn't have a second one for next door. Thanks to Goodwill, we picked up a beautiful, new, but very plain green wreath this morning. Below are pictures and a written tutorial.

Beautiful, but rather plain.

Listening to my favorite Christmas music this afternoon, I sat down with a pile of wire, ribbons, and other crafting miscellani.

And the decorated wreath! For my first attempt decorating a wreath, I don't think it came out that badly. Next time, I probably wouldn't use the squashed silver pine cone, but we've had it floating around for years and my little brothers, each Christmas, adore it so much they squish it. So I thought I'd save it and put it on the wreath. :)

A closeup of the pine cones and cinnamon sticks.

You Will Need:

1 plain, undecorated green wreath of your choice
About a dozen cinnamon sticks
Four or five craft pine cones (If you don't have any, get a few clean ones from the woods)
Holiday wired ribbon, thin velvet ribbon, or any pretty ribbon you may have on hand
Thick wire

First, decide on the "feel" of your wreath by laying your pine cones, ribbon, and such over and rearranging it as you see fit. Of course, since everything is simply fastened on with wire, you can change things around later if you like.

Please keep in mind that there are so many different creative options with a wreath like this that you do not have to follow strictly to my list. Some other ideas for decorating include: fake holiday fruit, jingle bells, and holly branches and berries.

Once you've arranged the wreath to your satisfaction, begin fastening your decorations on with the wire. For pine cones, I found it easiest to wrap the wire a few wraps around the base and then around the wreath under the branches. If you prefer, you can use quick-drying glue.

*A helpful hint for tying on the cinnamon sticks: arrange two or three into a bundle that you like and wrap them up tightly with a small bit of wire to keep them together so you have both hands for tying the ribbon. Tie the ribbon on right above the wire and then slide the wire off and use it for tying the bundle to the wreath. Sliding it under the ribbon on the underside works the easiest.

When you're done, use some wire to make a hook on the back for hanging. You'll notice I used a bit of green and gold wire-edged ribbon. To add a bit of glittery color the the wreath. I'm still not sure if I like it the way it is, though, and may end up moving it around some more. An easy way to keep ribbons like that on is to slide it around and under the wire frame of the wreath, if yours has one.

These wreaths are so forgiving, so play around with it until you get a look you like! Following the basic guidelines, there's no "wrong" way to decorate it.

Enjoy your new creation and have a blessed advent season! It's snowing at our place right now and I'm off to take some pictures of my little brothers enjoying it!

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