Wednesday, September 5, 2012

313 Photography Challenge - May

313 Photography Challenge photos for the month of May! Enjoy!

Saturday - May 5
  We had the pleasure of celebrating my grandmother's 84th birthday with going to eat! This was my delicious ice cream dessert!

 Monday - May 7
 No editing done on this one - I love how the colors came out so deep and rich in this sycamore ball on a bed of moss.

Tuesday - May 8
A bright yellow flower in our grandparent's yard

Friday - May 11
A fun pumpkin hat I designed for TTB

Saturday - May 12
Experimenting with depth of focus on a bangle bracelet

Tuesday - May 15
Lovely early-morning clouds

Thursday - May 17
The Remington. This was also the featured picture for my guest post this weekend on a friend's photography blog: 4 His Glory: Vintage Machine

Friday - May 18
Part of a newborn outfit I made for a friend's new baby. You can read more about it here: Pink Cherry Newborn Outfit

Saturday - May 19
A new newborn cocoon and hat set for TTB

Monday - May 21
Ssssssssssssnake! Can you spot me?

Saturday - May 26
 Playing around with depth of focus again on a new bracelet I designed for CS

Monday - May 28
My little brother at our church's Memorial Day picnic

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