Saturday, February 18, 2012

313 Photography Project - Week 5

A little bit of catching up - nothing serious!

Monday: Yarn

Lots of new projects in the works here!
Editing: None

Tuesday: Guitar String Bracelet

One of my newest jewelry projects - re-purposing old or broken instrument strings. This beaded  bracelet I made from a guitar string. I now have this bracelet up in the Shoppe!
Editing: Slightly increased exposure, highlights, and contrast

Wednesday: Exciting things going on outside

I'm beginning to like the way this picture came out with the grid of the window screen.
Editing: None

Friday: A late afternoon walk

A delightful walk with friends in their neighborhood. I didn't mean for this picture to come out blurred, but I think it gives it a softer look.
Editing: None


Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

I like the guitar string bracelet. I made a bracelet before out of a broken violin string. :)

Gabrielle Hellwig said...

They're fun to work with, aren't they? They don't stay formed like beading wire, but that just opens them up to some new craft possibilities! :)