Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Couple Fun Custom Orders and Pictures from a Customer

One of the funnest things about running a handmade online business over the holidays is the influx of requests for custom orders. People are thinking about new little babies due soon, and Christmas wish-lists of family and friends. I had the privilege to work with a couple wonderful ladies on two requests just like this. These were some of the funnest holiday projects I made this past year!

One sweet lady in our area contacted me through Etsy to ask if I could make a special Christmas request from her daughter - a 'pink ladybug with hearts'. I hadn't tried a project like this yet, but she and her daughter were thrilled and I had a wonderful time making it. 

I made the body from pink minkee dot fleece, the same as the hippos, and the head, feet, antennae, and appliqued hearts on the back are red and black fleece. And of course, the smile was the same contagious, embroidery floss grin as the hippos. :) 

The second custom order was from another sweet lady who is expecting her first precious little bundle next month and was looking for a special piece for his pictures. She had an idea of what she wanted and I enjoyed working with her to create it - a baby blue with hints of royal blue newborn cocoon and hat set with a furry black and white trim.

 I'll admit I've been surprised - the PDF crochet pattern for this adorable long tail stocking hat has been one of my best selling PDF crochet patterns in both shops.

Thus, I was thrilled when a customer sent me this picture of the hat she had made from my pattern for her new little grandson, born just before Christmas. What a fun idea for a Christmas baby!!!

These are some of the special moments that remind me why I enjoy running these shops!

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