Saturday, January 28, 2012

313 Photography Project - Week 3

I'm a little late, obviously, and I'll be doing some catching up for two weeks!

Monday: Blocks

Part of one of my little brother's block creations.

Editing: None

Tuesday: Avocados

We recently purchased a large box of avocados from farmer's market, and besides the pleasure of eating them, they afforded additional photography pleasure!
Editing: darkened exposure

Wednesday: Little Brothers

I love my little brothers - and these are just two of them!
Editing: None

Thursday: Patterns

This is one of a new batch of patterns I've been adding to the Shoppe - it's adorable, isn't it? I was almost tempted to keep it!
Editing: adjusted exposure and rotated 

Friday: Apples

A common apple or two turned into a photography subject
Editing: None

Saturday: More Block Creations

My little brothers have been having lots of fun with blocks!
Editing: None

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