Monday, January 16, 2012

313 Photography Project - Week 2

Tuesday: Newborn Photography - Jedidiah

On Tuesday afternoon last week, I had a photo session with an adorable 11-day-old little boy at our church. His pictures turned out so well that I thought I'd share one as Tuesday's photo. More photos from this shoot coming soon!
Editing: Lightened exposure and increased contrast a little.

Wednesday: Granola in the Works

 The beginnings of our breakfast granola!
Editing: Rotated slightly and darkened exposure

Thursday: Sunset on Brown Circle

The first shades of a winter sunset in North Carolina
Editing: Auto-edit and rotated slightly - sunsets are tricky!

Friday: Brunch at a Friend's

We enjoyed a wonderful brunch at a friend's house on Friday - Thank you Aunt Debby!!!
Editing: None

Saturday: A Most Exciting Day next Week

A most auspicious day next week - as my sister indicates on her calendar, I will be turning vintage!
Editing: Cropped and rotated

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Lisa H. said...

Nice job, O vintage daughter of mine!