Wednesday, January 11, 2012

313 Photo Project - Week 1

So here are last week's photos, minus two days which I missed due to a busy week. The camera used in all of my pictures is the Canon EOS Rebel XS, unless otherwise specified.

Monday: Christmas Lights Gone Crazy

My interesting decorating idea using a spare string of Christmas lights. Sadly, it had to come down.
 Editing: None

Tuesday: One of my bookshelves

A Glimpse onto one of my bookshelves...
Editing: Rotated slightly and darkened exposure for the dramatic effect. :)

Wednesday: A Poinsettia Plant

A close-up look at our Poinsettia plant
Editing: Rotated slightly and darkened exposure, again for effect

Friday: Benaiah

When one of my little brothers came to me with a piece of paper and a pencil, asking me to make him a mustache, I realized that he wants to grow up too fast!
Editing: Adjusted exposure and contrast as it came out of my camera a little washed out

I missed Thursday and Saturday, so I'll try to do better this week!

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