Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What I've Been Painting...

I've been painting some much larger projects than these which I'll share about on our family blog as soon as I get some pictures, but I made these as some birthday presents for three dear friends a few weeks ago. I just haven't posted these sooner because these are friends who also read this blog. :)

Unfortunately, the pictures didn't come out well so they don't do the ornaments full justice. These started out as plain white plaster ornaments that a neighbor who was cleaning out her crafting closet gave me. As our collection only had a few basic colors, I used regular acrylic craft paint from another neighbor's yard sale for the brown, shimmery blue, silver, and gold. Finally, after the paint had dried, I sprayed them with this clear paint finish to keep the paint from scratching off and to give them a glossy finish. The spray smells just awful, but the finished effect is well worth the momentary unpleasantness. :)

It's hard to tell in this one, but I painted the hearts in this shimmery blue paint that was really beautiful once dried. And with the spray on, the wreath looked like a rich chocolate wreath!

This wreath I painted with sterling silver craft paint and the spray helped highlight its glossy finish. The red ribbon was also done in the same red shimmery paint as the blue hearts above. I left the goose the plain, plaster white and just sprayed it so the white wouldn't look so flat.

This one was just a plain, heart wreath. I just painted it all gold, and then added purple "ribbons" in the same shimmery purple as the red and blue above. When the paint was dry, I glued on tiny light purple, lime green, and crystal white seed beads and sprayed the whole thing.

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Gabrielle Renee said...

Those are really neat, Gabrielle (I love calling someone else my name! :P )!! I once made a Star of David Christmas ornament out of popsicle (that is the right name, right?) sticks and glitter. ;) I still have it, and I made it when I was five!

In Christ,