Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday: Fabric Flowers

I thought I'd start Tutorial Tuesdays in an attempt to preserve some regularity in posting. I might not get around to it every Tuesday, but I'll try to somewhat regularly post a tutorial I've tried, one I've created, or just an interesting idea I found. If you don't sew, don't worry. They won't be just sewing tutorials. I'll include some new and very nifty-looking crochet and knitting patterns I recently found, some paper crafts, or any good ideas with any art medium. I have a lot of links I've collected over the years that I'm excited to share!

Today's will be fabric flowers. While designing little girl's headbands for our church's 'Made-for-Trade' day, I realized a lacked a basic fabric flower tutorial and 'googled' it. The first result that came up was this compilation of 30 fabric flower tutorials. I didn't realize how many different variations on the basic idea of fabric flowers there are until I saw this! And I'm sure there's hundreds more for those who want to dig deeper.

I tried several of these and I'll include a couple that I have pictures of.

One was the Felicity Fabric Flower. For the seamstress with any experience, the construction method should be fairly apparent from the picture, but if not, you can download a free pdf with instructions and the pattern pieces.
Overall, I liked the way the flower came out, but I think next time I would widen the triangle used for the petals so they aren't quite so narrow.

Here's how mine came out. I used just one layer of petals and added a layer of turquoise and white-polka-dot ribbon on a lime green headband for a tropical/hawaiian feel.

I also tried the felt rose tutorial, producing some darling results. This pattern requires so little felt for a set of clips that it is great for using up scrap felt - something I really needed to do. This was the first set I made, followed by several others which I don't have pictures of. The main thing I changed was using all six strands of embroidery floss for the green clip instead of just two, making thicker stitch lines. Other than that, the picture doesn't do these justice.

You don't have to make these in just pink - I also made yellow and white clip sets and plan to make some in purple and red as well.

Do you have any more delightful fabric flower tutorials you'd like to share or any tutorial ideas you'd like to see? I'd love to hear from you in the comments! And if you make any of these and post pictures to your blog, please share a link; I'd love to see them!

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