Friday, April 22, 2011

The Tale of a Yarn Collector

Once upon a time there was a yarn collector. She loved yarn to the point that her yarn stash became impossible, and she was always acquiring more!

She had yarn scattered here and there - bins and boxes in one room...

Several shelves filled with yarn in another... Yarn was scattered throughout the house and as she had just opened a new shop, this disarray and mess became unacceptable. She had to know how much she had of what!

Home Depot to the rescue! She purchased four large bins, each with a different colored lid.

And then she organized her yarn. After much meditating, she sorted it thus: 

-Wool, wool blends, and cotton yarn in one
-All her pastel worsted weight acrylic yarns in another
-All other worsted weight and thinner that was not pastel in the third
-And all novelty acrylic yarns in the fourth

And currently, the four bins of yarn are in the basement next door, stacked in an orderly manner and ready for use.

And what became of this yarn collector?
It is I, yours truly!

What do you think of my new yarn organization? Any suggestions?

1 comment:

Elaine J. Dalton said...

Yippee!! An awesome story of yarn and organization! I love it!!!

Now, as to suggestions, I shant go there for fear of getting you hopelessly confused and frustrated! ;) Besides, you should never ask me for suggestions when I'm recovering from a head cold; you might get something really weird in reply. ;) {tease, tease}

God bless and happy Easter my darling girl!!