Friday, July 6, 2012

Sewing Ruffles

I was working on a new project yesterday that involved ruffles - lots of them! I guess my newer Singer I was using decided not to do them. It always has had a problem with ruffles and sewing smoothly through lots of layers. It clanks and clacks and chews up the fabric. It was then that I saw the perfect opportunity to test a theory of mine - that the Remington is a smoother stitcher.

See, that's about 30" of ruffles; the Remington did over 25" of it. And it did it perfectly! No protests of chewing of fabric. And it goes smoothly over pins too! 

I love these Singer clones - they're sturdy little machines with lots of power, a beautiful stitch once they're timed and adjusted correctly, a quiet humming sound, and are very smooth, even stitchers, even through lots of layers. I almost love using the Remington better than any of my other machines! Oh, and did I mention that the Remington just got a twin brother? More on that coming soon!


Anna-Rebekah said...

What a lot of pretty ruffles!

By the way, your photos are looking great!


Gabrielle Hellwig said...

Thank you, Anna-Rebekah! This is the camera strap cover. :)