Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Tale of Two Treadles - Episode 2

So Treadle 2 won - it was the prettiest one and in the best condition of the two, both mechanically and cosmetically.  Here it is, all fixed up and ready to go back in the table at a friend's thrift shop. It sews too and does a fine, beautiful, even stitch.

I did something with these two machines that does not come highly recommended - we took a bath. Yes, I did some research on doing that first. :) After I stripped them both of all their large removable parts, we went out to the hose and I washed them completely down and then dried them completely with the hairdryer and re-oiled them. I was careful with making sure they got completely dried, but the oil will also help prevent rust from any water I may have missed. Needless to say, it's not recommended that you do this, but these were just so filthy.

I love how the thread comes down diagonally across the front of the machine - it's a lovely little charm that Singer seemed to do away with soon after.

See, that's the filthy machine of the previous post! There was a shiny little black beauty under all that grime.

The oriental-style decals on this machine are still in lovely condition

A view from another angle

Now to finish oiling and re-assembling Treadle 1!

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