Saturday, March 31, 2012

313 Photography Project - Week 12

Monday: Maple Tree Buds

The maple tree in my grandparent's front yard had these lovely little 'helicopters' as my brothers call them, because of the way they come twirling down

Tuesday: Tiny White Flowers

These tiny, beautiful white flowers are growing in among the clover and Bermuda grass in our back yard

Wednesday: Clover and Grass

A stalk of grass and clover in a jar on our kitchen windowsill

Thursday: Christmas Cactus

Our Christmas Cactus is thriving; I love the thin red border around the leaves!

Friday: Tiny New Leaves

The buds on the trees out back are just bursting into leaves - I love this time of year!

Saturday: Parrot Sewing Pattern

I acquired a lot of new sewing patterns to list in the Shoppe, and one was this way-too-cute stuffed parrot pattern!

Did you notice the pattern? Except for Saturday, I did a macro week!

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