Friday, July 1, 2011

Ten Sewing Machine Repair 'Do’s and Don’ts':

These all come from very personal experience and, if followed, will give you a pleasant time with your sewing machine.

1. DO NOT skewer your finger on the needle of said sewing machine while repairing.

2. DO NOT oil machine while it is on. IF you do, turn it off when you see the thin wisp of smoke rising from hot wires.

3. DO NOT work on sewing machines without an apron, or your clothes will be your apron. The stains will linger long.

4. Oiling generously DOES NOT mean emptying half a bottle of sewing machine oil into said machine.

5. Sewing machine repair in a darkly lit basement without a flashlight IS NOT a good idea.

6. IF you are going to cut yourself on any part of the machine, DO make sure it is not rusty first.

7. IF your thread jams and breaks while sewing, DO check that you have threaded the machine correctly instead of assuming the timing is off.

8. When repairing machines for others, always DO make one final check to make sure everything is working before giving it back.

9. DO carry sewing machines back and forth between houses as little as possible. The older the machine, the heavier it is – usually!

10. When adjusting timing, DO check to make sure that the screw you are loosening is not the thread guide screw. You will spend a long time getting it back in.

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Elaine J. Dalton said...

Haha! That's some good advice my dear! ;)