Thursday, July 28, 2011

A New Camera

I have a confession to make.

Not only have I been blogging less lately because of the business of life, but also because my three-year-old canon point and shoot camera died a few months ago. I'd been using other family cameras in the meantime, but haven't liked any of them.

But, as an answer to prayer, my two Etsy shops have been busy these past few months and paid for my new camera.
 It's a Canon Eos Digital Rebel XS, recommended by a friend. The price for all the features I get are perfect and I'm enjoying photography with a dslr! Here are some random photos from the past few days since I've my camera has arrived. These are all completely un-edited - straight from the camera! :)

I have an obsession with photographing food and making it look mouthwatering-ly scrumptious! Pictures are of Summer Tomato Salad, Cheese Biscuits, and Watermelon, a few of our favorite summer dishes!

We had the opportunity to babysit sweet Rachel and her older sister and brother for a few hours last week. She was a little shy at first but soon warmed up and enjoyed her time. Rachel will be a big sister to twin sisters soon and I'm excited about the opportunity to photograph them!

The table loaded with sweet goodies at a recent baby shower


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Elaine J. Dalton said...

How could I have missed this post?! Congrats on getting your new camera my dear! And you succeeded; all those pictures of food made me feel even more hungry than I already am! ;) Love you!