Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday: Crocheted Infant Shell-Stitch Beanie Pattern

I found this free shell-stitch crochet beanie pattern out of the blue a little while back while searching for creative new ways to make crocheted flowers (which I'll share in my next Tutorial Tuesday). For being a free tutorial, I found the instructions fairly straightforward, and the results were disarmingly cute. :) This is one of my little models, Brynlee H. modeling the completed beanie, complete with a button-on layered flower.

The flower tutorial used is also a very easy pattern, but I ended up making my own variation before my sister corrected me.

Here's what I did:

When I turned the flower over to crochet the loops in the back spokes for the bottom layer of petals, I kept the flower turned over and worked in the back. This made the second layer of petals come out alternated with the first layer - a white petal in the space between two purple petals.

~another view of the adorable hat and adorable baby~

What I should have done was turned the flower back over after I was done making the loops in the spokes and worked it from the front, making the petals come out evenly layered, like this:

Either way, I think they're pretty. Next week, should nothing else come up, I'll be sharing a number of lovely variations I've found on a basic crocheted flower.

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Shiloh said...

Lovely! The baby is so cute too!