Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday: Crocheted Flowers

As promised last Tuesday, I have compiled several of my favorite crocheted flower tutorials and some resources for lots, lots more. As a confession, I haven't actually tried any of these except a basic flower and the double layer flower shown last time. Here's a picture of the double-layer flower with the evenly spaced petals:

I came across this flower cluster tutorial recently, and though I haven't had time to try it yet, it looks very easy while giving such pretty results. I've just been swamped with orders in my new shop and have been crocheting...

Check out these two websites if you're interested in flower crocheting patterns. Not only do they have flowers, but also a selection of leaves and other botanical matter.

Crochet Flowers - a couple of my favorites here are the rose and the holly leaf...I have lots of ideas for these...

Crochet Pattern Central - Flowers - there are a lot of fun ideas here for yarn flower enthusiasts.