Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I HAVE Been Shopping

(In case you are (you're) wondering about the change of title, I have modified it per a very succinctly-worded suggestion from Timothy Anonymous. Thank you, Timothy.)

Yes, the dangerous four words. Yesterday, I went shopping and Walmart and Goodwill yielded some delightful components for projects that have been simmering on my back burners of creativity lately.

I got the itch to learn knitting with circular needles. I can knit, but just the normal 'back and forth, knit and purl' knitting. So, I bought this cute baby jester pompom hat pattern   and purchased some soft, bulky weight yarn at Walmart to try it with.

The sale ribbon bin at Walmart yielded these delightful finds. Ribbon bows for stuffed wrapping...there's many ideas for this ribbon!

Light yellow fleece...a whole yard of it!

Minky fleece pajama pants from Goodwill...more details forthcoming! :-)
(And no, I'm not wearing these!)


Timothy Anonymous said...

I've is only a contraction of the two words 'I' and 'have'.

I've is not a word itself. If you don't believe me, try looking it up in a dictionary some time.

All this to say: the first line of your post says "the dangerous three words".

Are those three dangerous words: "I have been"?

Most people reading your blog won't perceive them as being very dangerous...

You should probably change the line to read "the dangerous four words"!

Mama Anonymous said...

So, Mr. Anonymous.....
What's the deal? Ain't it ok to say "I've"? As in "I've never seen such impertinence in all m' live long days?" Or, "I've always suspected a latent grammarian lurking in you!"
Why, I've a mind to.... well, never mind!

Mama Anonymous

Timothy Anonymous said...

Sure! Of course it's okay to use the contraction "I've". I've used it quite a lot myself.

But it is not okay to mistake a contraction for a single word. A contraction is always 2 or more words, even if contains no spaces.

Many would write this off as a rather trivial error, but I believe it to be the tip of a massive iceberg lurking beneath the surface of the page, threatening to sink an otherwise well written blog post while the unsuspecting writer flies carelessly across the page with his pen.

Make no mistake: as a tiny hole in the front of the Titanic sunk a ship that was superior to all others of its day, so a tiny flaw in the beginning of a blog-post threatens to send the article, broken in two, falling to the depths of the internet floor, there to sit and rust away: lost and forgotten by all readers and search engines.

Now you can point out all my grammatical flaws in this comment! :D

Mama Anonymous said...

My Beloved Timothy Anonymous,

Thank you for your graphic warning of the dire circumstances surrounding a typo. Yes, I like to see good grammar as much as any good grammarian does, but it would be outside the scope of this milieu to address your last comment.
Keep up the good work.... both of you! Don't worry, Gabrielle; we'll try to keep our grammatical grapples and gripes out of your sewing and crafting blog! ;-)
Mama Anonymous